My current Instagram photos | impressions

Today I’ll show you my latest photo projects for Instagram!

Currently, I’m trying to work on developing an Instagram photo to get a better feed.
If you are interested in how I photograph and edit them, please let me know below in the comment field or contact me on my Instagram @sohazily.

In this picture I tried to edit the background of a Dior event from 2017 #diormakeup
But its unfortunately not so good 😀 . Thats why i uploaded the left side: Check it on my Instagram @sohazily .

A normal street picture in Frankfurt.

A New Year’s Eve picture. The picture was almost black before and I tried to make the best of it.

There is rarely snow in Germany last year so of course I took the chance and shot pictures when it snowed.
P.s. its a picture w/ my sister
Her Instagram: @katharina.goetz

Again a picture when it snowed.

Thanks for watching!

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